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FA Europe Webinar: 9th April 2021 – Toward improved management of head and neck cancer in Fanconi Anemia patients. Meeting Chair: Prof Ruud Brakenhoff, Co-chair: Prof Remco de Bree

The aim of this meeting was to set the stage for optimal treatment of head and neck cancer and precancer in FA patients in the context of international guidelines for head and neck cancer management, and to develop a roadmap for improved care in the future.

The meeting was recorded and is available in 3 parts; one for each theme and a summary version that showcases the roadmaps mentioned during the webinar.

FA Europe ENT Webinar Summary 2021


FA Europe ENT Webinar: Treatment of head and neck cancer

FA Europe ENT Webinar: Clinical management of precancerous mucosal lesions in the head and neck

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